Exhibited Artist

Olga Hohmann

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Olga Hohmann writes essays, prose miniatures and meandering texts that are intended to be read aloud. In an almost musical form, she combines more or less fictional narratives with found footage, which combine to form a rhythmic murmur. Repetition and variation, crescendo and decrescendo of individual motifs are used as stylistic techniques, blurring the distinction between the self and the other, bet- ween inside and outside. This creates a linguistic texture that the author calls „voice traffic“: a multi-track, multi-layered writing that is always in motion.
For her performance at Studio Hanniball, she dedicates herself to the uncanny - in two senses: the secret as well as the homely, that means the frightening in the all-too-familiar. Influenced by psychoanalytical techniques of association and language investigation, she incorporates scenes and motifs from Lexia Hachtmann‘s and Lisa Seebach‘s works into her 45-minute performance and twists their meaning like the spinning bottle on the floor in Hachtmann‘s painting.

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