Unravel at Night

Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Unravel at Night Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Unravel at Night

"Unravel at Night" deals with motifs found in the story about Penelope in Greek mythology. The exhibition examines her role as Odysseus' waiting and faithful wife from a feminist perspective.

Penelope weaves and waits at home for her husband to return, while Odysseus wanders from place to place on his Odyssey in the Mediterranean. To avoid being married again, she gives herself over to the activity of weaving. Only when the weaving is finished will she be able to take a new husband. At night, she secretly unravels the woven again, in order to never reach the end of her work.

This exhibition understands Penelope's woven creation as an independent artistic position.The latter arises from her seeming powerlessness in the face of a changing world that is inaccessible to her. Her activity stands for self-empowerment within a very limited scope of action.

“Unravel at Night” shows works by artists which deal with the resistance of cyclical processes, time, dissolution and decay. The supposed meaninglessness of destroying what has been created before, but also the process of working slowly, continuously and repetitively, can enable the works to poetically and politically reflect on the present age.

Mariona Berenguer

Elisa Jule Braun

Lynn Gerstmair

David Kroell

Lukas Liese

Yael Esther Mor

Katharina Ruhm

Veronika Weber

Teresa Weißert

Concept by:

Lynn Gerstmair

Veronika Weber

Teresa Weißert

Opening Hours:

Tuesdays + Saturdays, 2pm-6pm

Vernissage - Door Opens 07. Jul 6:00 PM

Performance 07. Jul 8:00 PM

Performance 07. Jul 9:00 PM