Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Inflammation Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Inflammation

An exhibition with Alessio Cannizzo and Kyriakos Tarassidis.

Cannizzo constructs three-dimensional sculptures from materials such as sheet metal, aluminium discs and plastics to explore the metaphysical traces of movement. He comes from the field of performance art where movements are choreographed and traced by the eye, but physically lost within space. By applying his performative approach through a direct interaction with materials, he is able to document traces of his movements in the artwork itself.

Tarassidis analogue photographs depicts transformations of shapes and bodies, while focusing on moments of uncertainty and coincidence. The profound artwork investigates the emotional state of both the artist and the observer. In comparison to Cannizzo, Tarassidis uses fundamentally different formats to explore similar themes such as motion, dynamics, impact and the inner self.

While Cannizzo and Tarassidis differ in their approach and the medium they choose, the aesthetic end result of their work is united by the idea of “Inflammation”. The viewer has the impression that the sculptures and photographs are inflamed, as if they are burning in heat. Especially when light reflects on the different materials, the artworks seem to release an energy that has the dynamic of a fire.

Opening 04. Sep 6:00 PM

Closing 24. Sep 6:00 PM

Performance 24. Sep 8:00 PM

Special Tour 17. Sep 9:00 PM