Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition ASAP Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition ASAP

The exhibition “ASAP: As Slow As Possible” investigates the idea of deceleration in a fast-paced world. Studio Hanniball presents eight artists that approach this theme from various angles.

From taking a moment to appreciate the present, to being forced to slow down, to watching things grow at a leisurely pace, to finding peace in a hectic world, the show does not aim to cover all aspects of the topic, but rather focuses on personal, nuanced observations.

“ASAP”, an acronym for “as soon as possible”, reflects the sense of urgency that pervades our language and thus shapes our behavior. We are expected to finish tasks at work ASAP, pay our bills ASAP and answer messages ASAP. The show playfully challenges this mentality by proposing a humorous twist: approaching everything “as SLOW as possible”.


Dominika Bednarsky, Claude Eigan, Roman Häbler, Marvin Ketteniss, Sara Rossi, Mika Schwarz, Johanna Terhechte, Delphine Wigger

Vernissage 13. Jan 7:00 PM