Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Clearing Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition Clearing

Clearing is a video installation. A recurring vision haunts you; you engage in the pursuit of it. The vision slips away and with it, your grasp on reality.

Through different environments – the forest, the city, the house – Clearing explores obsession and the coping mechanisms used to deal with it.

The video depicts a first impulse and acts as a red line throughout the exhibition, connecting the objects created in response. Each environment shows a different phase of the process.

Forest: a small fountain is reflecting moving water and giving a constant background noise. Torches pointed at the water reflect the light above, where dead bees are hung from the ceiling. A video showing me – filmed by her sister / hanging from a digger / dressed as a crow.

City: a light box with a picture of the facade of my apartment building.The windows lit to form a heart.

House: an installation of a wooden wall - a living room picture printed onto it. A cut out into the wooden wall.Behind it, a screen fakes a window and shows presumable views. Three curtains with the silhouettes of a castleform the rest of the house. One side’s entrance: an arch.

– by Hannah Rettl

Arina Balas

Andrea D’Arsiè

Damiano Femfert

Marie-Lynn Gunkel

Marie Nadja Haller

Tibor Koehne

Hannah Rettl

Silvio Saraceno

Elise Steilen

Fynn Stoldt

Alexander Stute

Joshua Tewes-McCoy

Beatrice Zanesco

Opening 15. Mär 6:00 PM