East From Where

Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition East From Where Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition East From Where

Beyond the regular program, Studio Hanniball presents the externally curated pop up show 'East from Where’. The show features photographic perspectives by 12 artists, who deal with political identity questions in post-soviet and post-socialist Eastern Europe.

During the Cold War, the Iron Curtain was the unambiguous fault line separating Eastern and Western Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact this bi-lateral world order fell apart. As former communist and socialist states transitioned into market economies and democracies, the label of “East'' within the context of Europe became less self-evident.

The transition from one system to another has been anything but easy. Marred by war, border disputes, economic shock therapy and impoverishment, many of these societies are still recovering from the chaotic reconfigurations of the 90s. These wounds overlap with older historical scars dating back to the Second World War and earlier, forming webs of intergenerational trauma in the region.

The group exhibition East From Where shines a light on the still unfinished process of transition, which reflects itself in everyday life. Young people not knowing if the next day will bring destruction or romance, mothers and daughters separated by physical and political walls, places that cannot shake the ghosts of former regimes, and military structures that slowly strip away individual identity to achieve total obedience.

The exhibition includes a screening of short films of young cinematic perspectives on Eastern Europe.

Curated by: Gerd Waliszewski & Xiaofu Wang

Exhibited Artists:

Florian Gatzweiler

Lin Gerkman

Michel Kekulé

Sascha Levin

Marysia Myanovska

Alexander Mihalkovich

Monika Orpik

Tanya Sharapova

Claude Somot

Tatiana Tkachova

Gerd Waliszewski

Xiaofu Wang

Opening Hours:

Saturday till Friday: 2pm - 7pm

Opening 20. Okt 6:00 PM

Short Film Screening 25. Okt 8:00 PM