Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition FloodZone Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition FloodZone

FloodZone is an ongoing photographic series by Anastasia Samoylova, responding to the environmental changes in coastal cities of South Florida.

The project is built upon a set of interrelated paradoxes: the seductive and destructive dissonance between the official iconography of the region comprised of tourist and real estate advertising and the stark daily realities of climate change; the ways landscape and a sense of place are at once natural and constructed; and the way photography both records and crafts perception.

Although the project was prompted by the effects of a major hurricane, FloodZone avoids the over-familiar media imagery of ruin and disaster. Instead, there are photographs of the saturated topography, portraits of locals, and close-up observations of architecture, flora and fauna. Samoylova’s images provide a broad yet acute perspective on what it feels like to live in at-risk areas while economic forces instill a sense of denial and disavowal. Her subject is the precarious psychological state experienced by those living in a paradise sinking towards catastrophe.

Show curated by Studio Hanniball

Audio created by Meret Schmiese

Vernissage 24. Feb 7:00 PM

Finissage 14. Apr 6:00 PM