I paint boys

Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition I paint boys Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition I paint boys

An exhibition with Wojciech Woś.

Deep moody blue tones, stormy greys and swampy greens conveying a melancholic atmosphere. Wojciech Woś depicts the struggle to accept one’s own appearance whilst feeling pressure to fit a certain aesthetic dominant in the queer scene. He captures the fragility of being at ease with our sexual orientations and within our bodies, an expression of the ambiguous poses of his subjects, always on the brink of an act or thought. His paintings are tinged with despair and a certain longing - existensial and erotic.

Woś contemporary work explores body and gender stereotypes by subverting and challenging them. We see the artists’ whole body at work on and in his subjects; traces of his movement in rendering their form, a constant back and forth of body and brush. Thereby he creates a corporeal intimacy between artist and viewer. He affords his protagonists both fragile and erotic tendencies; queer bodies vunerable and tense, always on the verge.

​​Wojciech Woś was born in 1993 and grew up in Słubice, Poland. He graduated in Fine Arts from the SWC College in Northern Ireland. Today he lives and works as an artist in Berlin. Wos is focused on Queer art and the fragile male body is always at the centre of his work.

Opening 18. Feb 6:00 PM

Closing 18. Mär 6:00 PM