Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition M’AMA NON M’AMA Studio Hanniball Event Exhibition M’AMA NON M’AMA

M'AMA NON M’AMA is an immersive installation activated by performance. It takes place on Friday, December 2nd 2022,opening at 7pm, installation activated 8pm – 10pm.

The title comes from an Italian lottery scratch card and translates to loves me loves me not. Just like picking out petals of a flower to determine the love interest’s affection, one scratches hoping to win. Gambling is a combination of risk and ritual.

Visitors enter a world by passing through curtains made from scratch cards, and are confronted by two arm wrestlers ready to be challenged. By accepting, the visitors become complicit. Their vulnerability is reciprocated by the mechanisms of this world, where secrets can be traded for drinks, a fountain allows for an outside point of view, a television explains magic and a magpie is always behind the corner.

M’AMA NON M’AMA reflects on chance, fortune and fate, without ever settling on a position of disenchanted or enchanted, leaving to the outside world whether to maintain or disrupt this balance.

Hannah Rettl

Anna Zrenner

Kiarer Kristler

Beatrice Zanesco

Karimu Samuels

Kelvin Parham

Anna Elise


Sophie Klock

Damiano Femfert

Silvio Saraceno

Door Opens 02. Dez 7:00 PM

Performance Starts 02. Dez 8:00 PM

Performance Ends 02. Dez 10:00 PM