Ania Sudbin
Exhibition: NOCTURNE, 2021

07.Oct.21 - 23.Oct.21

Ania Sudbin was born in Sankt Petersburg, Russia in 1987 and moved to Berlin, Germany in 1990. She obtained her piano diploma in 2016 from the Universität der Künste, Berlin.

Currently she is studying photography at the renowned Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin and is working as a photographer in Berlin as well as Brandenburg.
Her main focus lies on portraiture and artistic photography.

In the past, she has shown her work in the group exhibition "FotoFlaneure" at the AFF Gallery, Berlin.




European Vampires
Music Band, Rom
Event: Drugtime & Dragtime: Milan: '20


European Vampire is the latest musical experiment by singer and model Lorenzo Sutto and producer Mark Ceiling. The duo debuted in May 2020 with the single Tom Ford, which was met with some success. They released 4 more singles in the span of a year: “French Touch”, “Lancia Delta Integrale”, “CFOL” and lastly “BCBG”.

It is an experimental musical journey that the singer had in mind for years and that he had always imagined as a cinematic, impressionistic rather than a well-paced musical product. It is a collage of contemporary realities, and it is anything but linear. EV’s tracks follow the development of a personality, that of a romantic antagonist who looks like someone we met at a party.


Alessio Cannizzo
Exhibition: Inflammation, 04.Sept.21 - 28.Sept.21


Alessio Cannizzo (born 1993) is an Italian artist based in Berlin who is currently studying at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. He holds a Studio in Berlin which is part of the "Le Mouton Noir Group".

For Cannizzo, traces left behind when people are in motion are more than mere imprints in space and time. His work explores metaphysical traces of movement that capture intentions and experiences.  
An extraordinary aspect of life is found in movement, which is present at all scales, from an atom to the entirety of the universe. His research aims to understand the dynamic shape of movement through expressions of materiality. 
Cannnizzo comes from the field of performance art where movements are choreographed and traced by the eye, but physically lost within the frame of space. By applying his performative approach through a direct interaction with materials, he is able to document the intention and trace of his movements in the artwork itself.


Kyriakos Tarassidis
Multidisciplinary Artist
Exhibition: Inflammation, 04.Sept.21 - 28.Sept.21


The photographhic images presented by Kyriakos Tarassidis are part of an ongoing body of work moving through analogue formats and our subjective internal worlds.


Paul Mecky is a German photographer, born in Cologne in 1991. He grew up in France, and has

been based in Berlin since 2005. His most recent exhibitions include 'DirekteAuktion Art, aber fair'(2020), '25JahreKunstgruppe Köln' (2020),  ‘Wiederkunst III’ (2020), - "LaFamilia Insalata Mista XXXX" (2020) and ‘Wer kann der soll’ (2019) at Kunstgruppe Kunstverein Köln, among others. He has assisted American photographer Julian Wasser and German photographer Semra Sevim, whom he credits as the first artists to awaken his professional interest in the art of photography. With a strong sense of contrast, he sets out from his Kreuzberg studio to capture the play of light and darkness particularly in the subcultures of Berlin’s club world, in color and black & white. In his work characters and rooms appear and disappear in the constant labor of hide and seek of shadows, in a twilight world where documentation and staging become indistinguishable.




Exhibtion: Tote Fische, 08.Apr.21 - 16.May.21