Exhibited Artist

Alessio Cannizzo

Exhibition | Inflammation | 04.09.21-24.09.21

Studio Hanniball Artist Alessio Cannizzo

Exhibition | Inflammation | 04.09.21-24.09.21

Alessio Cannizzo (born 1993) is an Italian artist based in Berlin who is currently studying at Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin. He holds a Studio in Berlin which is part of the "Le Mouton Noir Group".

For Cannizzo, traces left behind when people are in motion are more than mere imprints in space and time. His work explores metaphysical traces of movement that capture intentions and experiences.

An extraordinary aspect of life is found in movement, which is present at all scales, from an atom to the entirety of the universe. His research aims to understand the dynamic shape of movement through expressions of materiality.

Cannnizzo comes from the field of performance art where movements are choreographed and traced by the eye, but physically lost within the frame of space. By applying his performative approach through a direct interaction with materials, he is able to document the intention and trace of his movements in the artwork itself.