Exhibited Artist

Annefloor Arsonne

Exhibition | A Regular Day Elsewhere | 16.11.23-15.12.24

Exhibition | A Regular Day Elsewhere | 16.11.23-15.12.24

With profound awe for sound rooted in history, Annefloor Arsonne searches for the creaking, the screeching, the triumphant, the rustling, and the lamenting — a sensation that can only be envisioned as one marches through pitch-black mud in a marching band uniform, proudly raising a fist in the air.

This mindset is reflected in the perseverance of her investigation across three components: challenging traditions in painting, such as the spatial use of paint on wood; pairing aesthetics as a complement to mechatronics; and striving for a direct dialogue between the observer and the artwork.
With a ludic seriousness, Annefloor Arsonne's visual decisions allude to an unsettling nostalgia.

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