Exhibited Artist

Delphine Wigger

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

Studio Hanniball Artist Delphine Wigger

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

The artist Delphine Wigger works with different media and focuses mainly on the topics of childhood, feminism, the unconscious and sexuality.

Her installation “petits animaux blancs” is made from 18 tiny white animal-figures the artist collected over the years. The objects are placed standing in a circle, creating the illusion of them walking very slowly behind each other. The act of collecting and not being able to let go of objects from her childhood is something Delphine is very interested in. It happens very slowly and is a never-ending process.

The work “Bisous sans contact” consists of a wine glass with different coloured lipstick marks on the rim. The work was created in 2021 and deals with hygiene, partying in times of a pandemic and disgust. Covid-19, which slowed everyone down, also changed the perception of certain behaviors such as sharing a glass of wine with close friends. The artist was fascinated by how quickly habits that once were normal could become something disgusting or irritating.

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