Exhibited Artist

Christina Krys Huber

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

“... never stagnant ever moving like the sun. It is to be longed for as it fades.“ (notes Christina Krys Huber, 2023)

Located at the rooftop, warm yellow, orange and green tones appear on a semi-transparent fabric. Throughout the change of the daylight the pictorial in Christina Krys Hubers painting becomes more translucent almost fully transparent until it is highlighted with orange lights in the dark.
It is carried by heavy steal chains which themselves are covered with thick oil color.

Influenced by architectures like those created by Eileen Gray as well as thoughts on solar deities which are usually associated with power and strength, the painting is dense, colourful, lush, and shows ambiguous and enigmatic forms. It seems as if the bodies that Huber evokes are steadily changing depending on the surrounding nature until they expand over the whole rooftop at night. This creates an atmosphere that is soft and fluid with this kind of metamorphose, that openly confronts binary structures and the value systems we live in.

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