Exhibited Artist

Hanna Kaminski

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Hanna Kaminski

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Overlapping layers of paint and image planes open up complex pictorial spaces.
Hanna Kaminski shows that abstraction and figuration are not opposed to each other in contemporary painting. Rather, it is the interweaving of these two that allows her to create her very own visual idiom and way of expression. Her paintings present an open, surreal and cartoonesque pictorial language. By painting over and working in layers, her initial motivic ideas dissolve into new forms. Random moments demand her active, conscious reactions and keep the process of creating her paintings in a constant, productive tension.
Gestures and grotesque figures hint, suggest, indicate. Manifesting in a lively colorful mode, Kaminski‘s figurations are threatened by constant dissolution. It seems as if the artist is less interested in the motifs themselves than in their mechanisms of appearance and disappearance in the data stream of today‘s attention algorithms.

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