Exhibited Artist

Lisa Seebach

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Lisa Seebach engineers lifeworlds and dreamworlds; spaces that do not exist independently of things and places, but rather describe transitory moments that are inextricably linked to people, fears, dreams, and real objects. In her installations made of steel and glazed ceramic, sculptor Lisa Seebach traces out filigree spatial structures. Her artworks are characterised by their linearity and fragility; sculpture is conceived as an act of drawing in three dimensional space. Heavy volume meets delicate linework. Abstraction meets concreteness utopia meets dystopia. Are they relics of distant visions, or scenarios from a dystopian future? Amorphous plant-like objects made of steel and glazed ceramic coil themselves around intimations of everyday objects, thus evoking an atmosphere that is familiar yet eerily reminiscent of a bygone age. Thoughts, dreams, and memories materialize within the space.

excerpt: René Zechlin & Anne Bossok IN: Lisa Seebach. Thus Building is a Body (Club Otopia), Verlag für moder- ne Kunst, Wien 2023

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