Exhibited Artist

Peggy Pehl

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Looking at her work, one moves in the space of the narrative. These are usually formed out of a context of various contemporary circumstances and conditions that accompany us. In doing so, she refers to the personal intimate as well as the social and skilfully creates links with the past and what could lie ahead. A specific medium of her artistic work cannot be discerned, but the style of her narrative form holds its specific note.

The pearl necklaces are an excerpt from a spatial installation that was shown in France in 2022, in her first large solo exhibition SERGE.

Background: The pearl necklaces come from the private collection of Serge, a farm worker from the Plateau de Millevaches, and have been made visible to the public.

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