Exhibited Artist

Julius Bobke

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

In his works he combines and extends classical painting with digital processes. Art-historical refe- rences are combined with a strong material and craft reference, in which traditional techniques are transferred into digital ones. His approach attempts to grasp painting not only as a surface treatment, but aims to think through the object- hood of material and symbol yet at the same time exhibits a strong digital component.
Just as this extension of traditional techniques by contemporary ones, art historical references are interwoven humorously with contemporary themes and pop culture references. In addition to the pictorial idea of what painting can still look like today, the question of narration in painting has recently increasingly emerged in his work. Diverse imagery and concepts come together to merge into something new.

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