Exhibited Artist

Sally von Rosen

Exhibition | Do Cyborgs Dream Of Electric Sheep | 27.04.2024 – 25.05.2024

Exhibition | Do Cyborgs Dream Of Electric Sheep | 27.04.2024 – 25.05.2024

In her artistic practice von Rosen explores within sculpture and performances the political ecology of things as well as the inherent affective materiality between subject and object relations. While her sculptures appear as contradictory hybrids – between the beautiful and grotesque or liveliness and morbidity – the performances often happen as conceptual embodiments of the present sculptures. Von Rosen’s merge of form and narrative can be read as an outtake from a serial story of a specific fictional reality to be continued. It’s the cinematic and atmo- spheric quality of her sculptural creatures that triggers complex emotions and fun- ctions as a comment on the absurdity of human existence and our contradictory relationship with our surrounding world and with each other. A recurring element in her artworks is the almost playful appearance the sculptures tend to have, exposing the human need to find meaning in shapes and movements, but answers concerning the actions of the creatures might not be find in human rational attempts. A concern for humanism is interwoven in her themes, which leads towards a question posed by Jane Bennett: “How would political response to problems change were we to take seriously the vitality of (nonhuman) bodies?”.

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