Exhibited Artist

Silke Berg

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Silke Berg

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

By sewing painted canvas and various textiles into new shapes, Silke Berg creates sculptures and performative objects. In her artistic process one of her starting points is to find out, to which extent painting and color are able to move away from the two-dimensional surface, in order to be placed in space and on bodies.
Through her use of color and by applying different materials, such as buckles, cords or hooks, she creates associations to the outdoor-life and its aesthetics.
Her soft and textile sculptures reveal a seemingly functionality or some kind of usable possibility of the works become visible. By suggesting an apparent usability of the works, the viewer is given the opportunity to imagine him/herself as a kind of „living sculpture“ or just to feel the urge to „use“ the sculptures.

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