Exhibited Artist

Linus Berg

Exhibition | A Regular Day Elsewhere | 16.11.23-15.12.24

Exhibition | A Regular Day Elsewhere | 16.11.23-15.12.24

Working with sculpture, writing, and video, the juggler is Linus Berg’s current research subject. He explores ideas related to art, magic, work, and their theoretical and biographical relations. In questioning where knowledge lies, in experience or through reading books, research and folly are his preferred devices.
The juggler, once a skilled artist, magician, or trickster, today is often seen at red traffic lights hoping for some change.
Mastery is important; a single ball drop ruins the act, though other comedic disciplines welcome practice and failure. Does the value in art lie in our ability to perceive the labor and time invested in it, or does it lie in the process that makes these traits unrecognizable?
What seems like an effortless maneuver at first, the affair of play and work becomes more complex; given the balls in the air are corporate stress balls with the imprint "Curious? Squeeze & wait," replicas of objects produced decades ago for a family member’s eventually failed product launch. Spheres beyond what is commonly called production are conjured through broken plates dropped on the floor.

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