Exhibited Artist

Alice Morey

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Working with painting, sculpture and textile to build delicate installations, within the often chaotic space of wilderness, as a concept, Alice brings to the fore the haptic qualities of things — their smell, their taste, their touch. In order to re-make signifiers around certain problematic categories — such as the feminine or the end of life — Morey creates a cosmology where substances stand by themselves and affect us, as though we are just one small element among many in the environment. (Cristina Ramos for Berlin Art Link)

The paintings shown in this group exhibition are from a series ‘the tie that binds’ (developed within the framework of a duo exhibition with fellow artist Dietrich Meyer) They dive into the cosmic realm, interpreting the Sun and Moon as forceful energies that drive us. The initiative mark making mixed with bright pigments and homemade charcoals are symbolic of Alice‘s drawing style and her appreciation for the ‘other’.

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