Johanna Terhechte

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

Studio Hanniball Artist Johanna Terhechte

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

The artist works across media with photography, video, and sculpture. In terms of both content and form, her work questions the mechanisms of orientation that are at work when we look at an image. She deconstructs perspective, uses repetition, and breaks down temporality. Central to her practice is exploring the structure and sequence of images. In her video works she focusses on montaging and recomposing scenes of daily life, to instill a tension between what we see and what remains in the off-frame.

For witnesses of an accident Terhechte observed people waiting in their cars (01 is the first episode of the material archived in categories). Stopped during a traffic jam, they are forced to an unvoluntary pause. Terhechte captured the hands and gestures of drivers, amplified in contrast with the idleness of arrested traffic, and constructed a montage from which emerges a playful and droll choreography. There is no accident to be seen, rather the video points to the potentiality of a plot, or dramaturgy, unfolding in the space of a car.

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