Michael Salu

Exhibition | Red Earth | 11.11.21-07.01.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Michael Salu

Exhibition | Red Earth | 11.11.21-07.01.22

Michael Salu (Nigeria/UK) is a writer, artist, critic and creative strategist whose work and ideas find a place in a multidisciplinary practice, often engaging with the impact of technology on language, culture and cognition. His written work has appeared in many literary journals, magazines and art publications and he has exhibited internationally. He has conceived and managed the creative output of many cultural organisations worldwide, winning multiple awards for design. Salu has contributed to the art and media curriculums of various academic institutions, holding a number of advisory roles and spoken at many live events and symposiums including 5x15. He runs House of Thought, a creative research practice and consultancy underscored by new technologies, art and literature. 

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