Exhibited Artist

Exhibition | Clearing | 16.03.24 – 12.04.24

Clearing | 16.03.24 – 12.04.24

Clearing | 16.03.24 – 12.04.24

Andrea D'Arsié is an Italian born, Berlin based performer, musician and artist. His performative and musical research meet in the interest to look for an intense affective experience which permeates bodies through a shared presence. By working with voice as one of the main tools, his musical research includes dj sets and live sets ranging from ambient, noise, and experimental club music. He’s published mixes on Fritto. fm, Radio AlHara, Radio Raheem and Paranoise Radio and has worked for performance and sound artists such as Billy Bultheel and Isabel Lewis in contexts such as Berlin Atonal, Fondazione Prada, and Santarcangelo Festival. In 2022 he self-released the EP “Many Scratches Make a World” and “Spring’s Fury” in 2024.

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