Exhibited Artist

Larissa Mühlrath

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Larissa Mühlrath

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

The basis of my artistic practice is the study of human activity and the mark humanity leaves in material and objects. I am particularly fascinated by shaping processes that take place casually in everyday contexts. This leads me to diverse kinds of non-intentional appearances: damaged everyday objects, worn-out working materials, by-products, material scraps, temporary constructions and misappropriation of things. What all these appearances have in common is that they are phenomena of the in-between, which no longer or not yet possess a past or future
optimal state.
In my installations, objects and two-dimensional works, I try to capture these predominantly temporary phenomena, to let them support each other and at the same time create new appearances that uncover the relationship between cause and effect of human creative processes.

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