Exhibited Artist

Claude Eigan

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

Studio Hanniball Artist Claude Eigan

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

The artist Claude Eigan strives to create oneiric settings and environments where all senses are heightened through their exhibitions. Influenced by contemporary poetry, the Berlin-based artist translates those strategies into a sculptural practice that triggers memory and enhances sensations. Eigan’s sculptures seems to freeze the stream of consciousness about the world in which we inhabit and devour. They embody the thoughts and feelings outside of conscious control, the implicit social cognition. Their objects carries an ancestral relation to what surrealist Hans Jean Arp described as ‘object language of the everyday‘, but despite their real-world origin, the familiarity of biomorphic forms is here replaced by something strange, repulsive and potentially hostile.

Text by Sarah Johanna Theurer

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