Exhibited Artist

Fynn Stoldt

Clearing | 16.03.24 – 12.04.24

Clearing | 16.03.24 – 12.04.24

Fynn Stoldt is a Berlin-based video artist and photographer whose creative journey is characterized by a fusion of technical expertise and his candid, direct way of capturing moments. In his personal work, he embraces imperfection and allows texture, resolutio and playback speed to fluctuate. His artistic style is characteri- zed by cohesive, slightly desaturated color palettes, which contribute to his distinctive visual language that runs throughout his work. Stoldt’s portfolio encompasses installations, video art, and photography, all unified by his commitment to blending mediums. The photo- and videographer’s works serve as a visual diary of feelings and emotions, creating an intimate world, while capturing the essence of contemporary society. A raw and honest representation of today’s generation, with an unfiltered mindset.

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