Exhibited Artist

Indigo Deijmann

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Deijmann‘s work is fuelled by an obsessive crush on Robert Pattinson lingering from her teenage years. As passionate fandom entails unreachable desires, Indigo’s work copes with the unattainability of her personal Robert-fantasies. Yearning love letters, fanatic paintings and miniature models of a “Robert Pattinson museum” materialise her longing, giving it a place to reside, in the attempt to make fantasy part of reality.
The installation showcases the expanding horizon of Indigo’s fandom as her “Robert Pattinson museum” grows to new life-size proportions.

With iterative citationallity, Indigo Deijmann loves Robert Pattinson. Her words — destined to be unreturned by Robert himself — rehearse the asymmetrical love relation that hyper-fandom inevitably leads to. Roberts Pattinson’s banalities, as they are inflated to ill-proportioned grandeur, bear witness to the distortive effect that having a crush projects on the reality of a person. Indigo warps Robert’s being in acts of worshipping.

Text: Saskia Smith

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