Exhibited Artist

Olga Bläsi

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Olga Bläsi

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

In my practice, I am interested in the relationship between materials, textures and forms and how their relation makes them shift in perception, makes them question or feel each other.
Folds, soft and firm, flexible, coarse, wet, sticky and smooth. Sensations of protection, openness and vulnerability. Hemming, nets, hardening, agglomeration, dissolution, cuts, tangles, openings, transparencies or opacities. Something touching which is touched.
A tactile seeing. I would like to ask about relation of the viewer and the object and how the boundaries between them can shift. About the perception of one‘s body in relation to the works, in the recreation of their movement and position and whether by that they are becoming a counterpart or extension of one‘s body.
How do bodies and objects take shape by relating or tending towards each other, become orientated or extend into a space? Or not? Where and how are the lines of demarcation drawn?

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