Jennifer König

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

Studio Hanniball Artist Jennifer König

Exhibition | Soft Grid | 08.04.22-14.05.22

In her work, Jennifer König creates unique characteristics, which oscillate between phenomenon and conception. The artist ascribes central importance to the application of paint, the pictorial surface, the interface of color intrinsic value and the materiality of color. Here Jennifer König is interested in how the process of making becomes part of the painting. This means that the application of color is not subordinated to the subject matter or motif of the painting, but rather that the painting emerges from the application of color – from the process of painting. In the examination of gesture, color and line, surface as well as space, the essential potentials of painting are investigated. Thereby König works according to a procedure that resembles ‚painting backwards‘.

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