Exhibited Artist

Paul Mecky

Exhibition | Tote Fische | 08.04.21-16.05.21

Studio Hanniball Artist Paul Mecky

Exhibition | Tote Fische | 08.04.21-16.05.21

Paul Mecky is a German photographer, born in Cologne in 1991. He grew up in France, and has

been based in Berlin since 2005. His most recent exhibitions include 'DirekteAuktion Art, aber fair'(2020), '25JahreKunstgruppe Köln' (2020), ‘Wiederkunst III’ (2020), - "LaFamilia Insalata Mista XXXX" (2020) and ‘Wer kann der soll’ (2019) at Kunstgruppe Kunstverein Köln, among others. He has assisted American photographer Julian Wasser and German photographer Semra Sevim, whom he credits as the first artists to awaken his professional interest in the art of photography. With a strong sense of contrast, he sets out from his Kreuzberg studio to capture the play of light and darkness particularly in the subcultures of Berlin’s club world, in color and black & white. In his work characters and rooms appear and disappear in the constant labor of hide and seek of shadows, in a twilight world where documentation and staging become indistinguishable.