Exhibited Artist

Roman Häbler

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

Studio Hanniball Artist Roman Häbler

Exhibition | ASAP | 13.01.23-10.02.23

The series ALMOST AS USUAL shows various depictions of an object that has been standing at the very same place in the artist‘s grandparents‘ backyard for many decades – recorded at different times of the day in springs, summers and autumns

of 2020, 2021 and 2020. The concrete hourglass itself creates a surreal image since it’s empty and nothing inside can flow, be measured or indicate how time passes. Instead of offering a linear structure with a beginning and an end, the anachronistic arrangement reveals that one and the same thing can look quite different while it remains unchanged. The video loop of the waterturtle – floating weightlessly and circuling around itself – serves as a supplement to the analogue photographs. In his artistic practice Roman Häbler combines photography with video, sound, text and site specific installations exploring the intertwining of time, memory and trauma.

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