Exhibited Artist

Andrea Croce

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

The artist’s work stems from a need to find the po- etic character in everyday things. Objects, chosen because of their narrative charge, are used by the artist to construct his play. Stages are designed specifically for performances that sometimes ne- ver happen, remaining a purely abstract event.
The encounter between art and fashion emerges in the constant search for fabrics, the styling of outfits, and the creation of short circuits between the multiple identities that can live within us.
Assembling things to create a new story; Andrea’s process unfolds both through research and materi- al, in the idiosyncratic collection of things that all together form a story. Time and circumstance play a role in charging his narratives with additional layers of meaning. He works with, and through the natural flow of living, calling out to the inner “soul” of or- dinary objects: animating the inanimate, and revea- ling traces of expired movements to us.

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