Exhibited Artist

Jakob Petersen

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Exhibition | Sleep Over | 21.01.24-23.02.24

Born in Berlin in 1995, Jakob Petersen studied at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. With roots in the applied arts, he researches and works on questions of multidisciplinarity and a very broad concept of art and design. His current focus is on site- , theme- and context-related works. Central themes are collaborative processes and the occupation and use of physical and immaterial spaces.
The stage was created in response to Olga Hohmann‘s text fragments. It deals, for example, with repetition, literally circling around oneself, looking at things from afar, moving closer and further away, the collecting gaze directed at the floor, clichés of the big city, the homely and uncanny inside and outside and the contemplation of one‘s own body as a statue.

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