Exhibited Artist

Max King

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

Exhibition | Shrine | 15.09.23-13.10.23

For social and locational reasons, funerals and other death ceremonies have been moved online enabling those who are paying respects to attend virtually while also providing a lucrative opportunity for digital media companies. Entering the digital space with ancient and modern traditions existing publicly alongside each other presents these ceremonies at new angles, new locations and depicts new found version of intimacy, compassion and worship.

A glowing sarcophagus sits upon a metal tripod. The Fall of Phaeton relief is depicted on the walls while an orange hue is emitted from the translucent panel being secured by teeth. The sarcophagus will respond to the presence of humans insinuating the ideas of solar worship and how the Sun could be personified and become reintroduced into domestic ritualistic space.

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