Exhibited Artist

Nadie Borggreve

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Within her work there is a strong relation be- tween the tactile natural world and the intangible psychological realm. Craft and labor are a domi- nant part of the work.
She retrieves yarns from old hand-knitted gar- ments or collects them and hand-dyes them into vivid colors which allows her to play with their contrast to create layers and depth in each colo- red tread.The source of her raw material is essen- tial to her creative process, which she regards as cyclical, mirroring nature. The recurring patterns in her works are botanical elements combined with abstractions in bright colors that come into existence in an intuitive way.

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