Exhibited Artists

Alice Peach

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

In her practice, Alice Peach arranges a brittle body of work, where nuance and error are cherished as symptoms of the awkward, yet inescapable limits of the body (flesh, wood, paper, clay...).
By stealing from the language of architectural scale modelling and polly-pockets, she adjusts the world to her grip to re-stage cocktails of folklo- ristic and personal life relevance. Her dramatized simulation of „the ordinary”, looks to accentuate the absurdity of being both agent and a pawn in a chaotic world, which she deems to be running on the pursuit of a systematic and elusive idea of ‘efficiency’.
Crafting drawings and objects is her way to mess with the substance of the ‘everyday’, introducing surreal alterations to the constituent elements in her surrounding. She‘s interested in the deceiving effect this plays on perception, especially when it fails to do so convincingly: everything becomes a prop in an allegorical narrative that mocks itself.

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