Exhibited Artist

Isobel Whalley Payne

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Exhibition | Curtain Twitching | 10.06.22-16.07.22

Isobel’s practice involves the deconstruction and recreation of existing objects found in particular social landscapes so as to reveal their symbolic his- tory. These objects become part of the mise-en-scè- ne of our more exotic lives. In the collection of sculpted objects, their scale and colour are altered to enable a re-reading of their symbolism through a feminist lens.
The sculptures Constrained I & II are oversized ver- sions of a mini butter packet, the kind you would find in a hotel breakfast buffet. In the exoticism and containment of a single use butter packet whe- re nature is contained and disinfected, the butter becomes plastic like its carrier. Its new form beco- mes sensual with undertones of Victorian erotica but post-war prudery. By also drawing the objects she makes them act like MacGuffins playing the parts of a surreal narrative and gives them agency as they drive a conceitful plot. The drawings and sculptures combined elevate the objects so that hi- erarchies are evened out, where a small packet of butter finds itself next to an Edwardian coat.

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